Sunday, August 30, 2015

One Month Before I Leave

I leave for my mission to Hungary in a little more than a month and I am so excited! I wanted to just write one post before my mom takes over while I'm gone and updates the blog. I love the thrill of exploring exotic places, the excitement of new experiences, and the adventure of foreign cultures and traditions. This gospel brings me so much happiness and peace. It brings meaning to my life and gives me a focus. I have gained a sure testimony that Christ lives and He loves each of us dearly. He is in every aspect of our lives and wants for us to be happy. He hears and answers our prayers, as He always has a hand extended out to us, we just have to reach for it! I know that Heavenly Father understands what we are going through and guides us on a path that is right for us. He puts people in our lives and sends us to different places for a reason. I love my Savior and this gospel so very much. I also love my family and the joy they bring me and am so happy for their positive influences they have had on me. 

  Seriously so grateful for this family of mine

  My mom and dad, truly the greatest example in my life

  Last sibling picture for a little while

  Cute nieces and nephew

  Mission Call...before

  ...and after!

  Hungarian Book of Mormon


  My Mission President, József Szabadkai, and his wife, Adrienn Szabadkai

  Budapest at Night

  Parliament Building

  Budapest along the Danube River